Naked Eye Video


In June 2010 I bought a camera that takes great photos but also shoots high definition video. The idea of filming stuff was appealing, and everyone seemed to be getting into it [...]



Still continuing from the Azamara Quest story, after our day on the Amalfi Coast, we arrived back in Sorrento to find one last member of staff waiting to get us on a [...]

Amalfi Coast


Continuing from the Azamara Quest cruise story, at arrival in Sorrento we went along with a bunch of tourist agents in our group and rented vans with drivers to take us down the [...]

Azamara Quest


I always had a lot of prejudice against the big tourist cruise ships. I love boats and I love the sea, I even love crowds sometimes, and all-you-can-eat buffets most times, but [...]

Deer Valley


The first time I ever saw snow was one February afternoon in London. I had recently turned 22 and had been through a series of unsuccessful job interviews, after which I decided [...]

Longqing Gorge


Continuing from my “encounter” with Kenny G at The Great Wall, Storm had arranged for his friend in the windy van to pick us up and drive us to the town where [...]

Goose Island


One of the first photography projects I ever tried shooting was inside a male prison back in my home town, Curitiba. After about a month of visits I showed up one morning [...]

views from above


quick note
How Many Kisses


I was walking to the train station in some small town near Agra, in India, when a guy approached me with the usual “Hello, what is your good name, where do you [...]

From Womb to India


I never really dreamt about going to India. I was curious, as I imagine everyone is, and I figured one day the opportunity would arise and I’d take it,  though I never [...]

open road
Salt Lake to Deer Valley, and back




After all the peace and love of Glastonbury, I decided to go for another festival that year. We had some friends over from Brazil and thought it’d be fun to all go [...]