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How Many Kisses

I was walking to the train station in some small town near Agra, in India, when a guy approached me with the usual “Hello, what is your good name, where do you come from, where are you going, what do you do, yada yada yada.” routine. I answered everything and he went on:

“You very pretty lady.”
“And me?”
“What about you?”
“Me not pretty too?”

I take a good look at him:

“You’re OK.”
“Are you married?”

I put my hands in my pockets to hide the missing ring:

“How many kiss?”
“You and your husband, how many kiss?”

After over two weeks of Indian guys and their personal questions and even requests, wondering where the hell this was going, I snapped:

“What do you mean, that’s not something to ask a lady!”

He looked puzzled, I continued:

“This is very rude, what kind of question is that? Where are you going with this?”
“Oh, so sorry, sorry madam, sorry!” and walked away.

A month later, back in London, I told this story to a friend, who asked, just as puzzled as the guy: “Didn’t he maybe ask you how many KIDS you and your ‘husband’ had?”